Register with the people's campaign to save the groundwater of Cochise County

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groundwater Guardians

majority action pledge

I PLEDGE TO ACT WITH THE MAJORITY to protect Cochise County's groundwater in 2023 and the future.

The groundwater of Cochise County belongs to everyone. No person or entity has the right to drain a basin or aquifer. I WILL PROMOTE a fair and sustainable policy to protect Cochise County groundwater NOW and for future generations. I am convinced this pledge expresses the super-majority opinion of all Cochise County residents, so once it has 3,200 registrants, I allow my name, or signature, or photograph be made public to show my resolve to WORK WITH MY NEIGHBORS to protect the groundwater forever. I commit myself to working two hours per week to save the groundwater, mostly talking to County residents I already know about groundwater issues, as one way to start formulating County-wide solutions.

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